The Russian’s Acquisition

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Subject: Contractual Offer

You will find $100,000 in your charity's account today, provided I find you in my bed tonight.

Aleksy Dmitriev is after the ultimate revenge. Yet his plan backfires when he discovers that his new mistress, Clair Daniels, is a virgin who could not have been her former employer's lover.

Revenge may be out the window, but that won't stop Aleksy from enjoying the perks of his purchase…. But Clair is destined to be more than just this Russian's acquisition!

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“I’m not into anything kinky,” she warned. “If you’re looking for someone to spank you, move along to the next girl in the secretarial pool.”


Note From Dani

I call this one ‘the book I rejected myself.’

I’d been working with the editors at Harlequin Mills & Boon since placing in the Instant Seduction contest in 2008. First I worked with Suzy, then she went off to have a baby and I began working with Megan. Suzy came back (ie. completed a year-long maternity leave) and I moved back to her.

I’d completed, submitted and had them turn down half a dozen manuscripts and I knew Suzy was eager to help me make that jump from ‘close’ to ‘published.’ She suggested I send her three ideas and we’d cherry pick the best. I did and she asked me to take the hero from one set up and the heroine from another and run with it.

Since I hadn’t envisioned that, it took me a while to find my feet. She was patient, looked at a few chapters, tweaked my direction, offered revision suggestions. Finally she sent me an email with exciting news. She was having another baby and I’d be moving back to Megan. Would I like to take one more stab at revising this current story, or start something fresh?

I was fairly disheartened to have an editor make two complete humans and I had not yet produced a publishable book. I wound up speaking with her on the phone, said I thought I should start over with something fresh if I was changing editors, and there was a funny pause on the other end of the line. I realized she thought I was really close with one. She said, “Okay, but promise me you’ll keep Aleksy on the back burner. He’s a wonderful hero.”

I hung up and realized, after literally hundreds of rejections from editors and agents from New York to London, I had just rejected myself.

It lit a fire in me. I was so mad at myself, I determined that my next book would be The One. And it was. I wrote No Longer Forbidden and Megan called me the following spring with an offer for a two book contract. The other book was Proof Of Their Sin, my award winning Harlequin Presents.

A few books later, I changed editors again. I was due for a new contract so I put together a proposal and included a freshly revised copy of Aleksy. They bought it and here it is. Happy reading.

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About Dani Collins

Dani Collins grew up in Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver, when it was still a small town. With a father and both grandfathers switching up between logging and fishing, she grew into a quintessential BC girl: green, natural, and impervious to rain. Despite a lot of canning and hanging of laundry in her childhood, Dani has a habit of leaping into the unknown, which she credits to her ancestor, Samuel Robertson, a boatwright from Scotland who pioneered Maple Ridge and traded furs to the Hudson’s Bay Company in Fort Langley. Given this adventurer’s blood, she’s always been drawn to stories about people braving life in faraway lands.

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