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Happy Holidays…

Dec 20, 2017

While you’re finishing your shopping, look for Prince’s Son Of Scandal in the book section. Trella would make a lovely stocking stuffer for someone special–I’m talking about you, of course.

I very much hope you have time through this busy season to settle in with a snuggly blanket, some tea and a romance that makes you sigh with satisfaction. May you also make merry with those who are special to you.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.

Not In Her Wildest Dreams – Free with Booksweeps entry

Dec 18, 2017

Just in time for Christmas!

This week only, from Dec 18-24th, I’ve teamed up with over 70 amazing romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, short stories, and more – 100% FREE! Plus, you’ll also have a chance to win a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet.

You can download my novel, Not In Her Wildest Dreams, along with dozens of others.

Enter the fun by clicking here. You’ll have to sign up for the author newsletters for the books you want, but you can unsubscribe anytime.

Good luck, and enjoy.

Mills & Boon’s New Look

Dec 11, 2017

Did you know Mills & Boon has had a make-over? Starting in 2018, their covers will have a new look. I just saw the cover for my April Mills & Boon Modern book, Consequence of His Revenge.

FYI, I didn’t plan it this way, but this book comes out right after the Winter Olympics and if you read my author notes, you’ll see that I originally got the idea for this book when I learned the Olympics were coming to Vancouver in 2010.

I had so much fun with Dante’s quest for revenge and positively ruthless desire to destroy Cami’s life. No wonder Cami has such a disdainful look on her face here.

Read the excerpt for a taste of this one.

Have you seen my Facebook Live video?

Dec 6, 2017

I just saw that my Facebook Live video has been watched over two thousand times since I did it a month ago. Have you had a chance to watch it?

I talk about my contribution to Secrets of the A-List, which is a family saga, and explain how it’s different from something like my Sauveterre Siblings quartet. I also read an excerpt and talk about how writing an episode in a serial is different from writing romance, plus I answer a bunch of your questions. It was fun!

You can watch it here:

Trella is a hit in the UK!

Dec 6, 2017

I’ve had my head buried in revisions and haven’t had much time for promoting Prince’s Son of Scandal, but I just popped onto the Mills and Boon site to see how Trella is doing and there she was, sitting in the Bestseller spot.

Thank you so much, UK readers! Best Christmas present ever.

I must rush back to my year-end deadlines, but seriously, thank you.

Are you new to Trella and her Sauveterre Siblings? Read an excerpt from Prince’s Son of Scandal here.

Are you waiting for Trella?

Dec 1, 2017

You can get Prince’s Son of Scandal from Mills and Boon and Harlequin today!

I’ve been living with the Sauveterre Siblings for close to three years. I first started thinking about this quartet, making notes on the individual personalities and stories for these two sets of identical twins, when I was writing the baby swap books back in 2015.

Writing the Sauveterres was a marathon, interrupted by my contribution to the Undercover Billionaires, Xenakis’s Convenient Bride, which was such a fun concept, I couldn’t say ‘no.’ But I’ve been so anxious to get Trella’s story into your hands!

Last month, she made an appearance on Netgalley, where reviewers said:

“This last book in the series is just perfect. I’m glad she left Trella’s story until the end, it rounds all the stories up.”

“I read the book in one sitting. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.”

“Having read all previous books in this series, I was very much looking forward to Trella’s story …. Her story did not disappoint. Trella was an amazing character.”

Trella will be available on all platforms January 1, but you’ll see her start to show up on shelves late December.

Taking all of that into account, you can see why it’s a big deal for me to say, “If you can’t wait to get your hands on Trella and Xavier, you can get Prince’s Son of Scandal from Mills and Boon and Harlequin today (December 1st.)”

Happy reading!

Have you seen the book trailer for His Christmas Miracle?

Nov 30, 2017

There’s a quick hit of Christmas spirit inside this book trailer for His Christmas Miracle. It’s perfect if you need to tune out of the headlines and enjoy a minute of cheer.

I also wanted to draw your attention to the Advent calendar download that goes with this book, since you’ll want to start tomorrow if you’re going to make it.

This Advent calendar of activities is the same one that Nicki uses in His Christmas Miracle to help Quincy bond with his son, Atlas. (His Christmas Miracle is a longer escape into a world of wonder and feel-good that will definitely put you in the mood for the season.)

Here’s a calendar-in-process that a reader sent me. (Thanks Irene!) She started early so she could have some buffer days. The busy season is upon us. Stay safe and have fun!

Christmas Epilogue – The Russian’s Acquisition

Nov 28, 2017

The Russian’s Acquisition hung around inside my brain for over a decade before it found its way onto paper. When I did write it, it became my last rejection before I sold. In fact, I often refer to it as the rejection I gave myself. My editor at the time called me to discuss further revisions, but told me she was leaving to have a baby. She asked if I would prefer to start something fresh with my new editor and I said, “Yes.”

I honestly didn’t realize The Russian’s Acquisition could potentially have been my first sale. I just pulled the trigger and shot myself in the foot.

My editor encouraged me to keep Clair and Aleksy on the back burner and it eventually became my seventh book for Harlequin Presents. When I finished it, I was so happy to finally submit it and know it was going into print, I didn’t even think of writing an epilogue.

Fans, however, missed getting a peek into Clair and Aleksy’s future. I had numerous requests for an epilogue and wrote one with a Christmas theme that I gave away to subscribers to my newsletter.

Now that I have this fancy new website, I have an easy place to share it with you under Bonus Scenes on my Extras page.

Click here to read the Christmas Epilogue

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Bonus Scenes for Love In Montana are up!

Nov 24, 2017

When my A Year of Love in Marietta bundle came out, I wanted it to read like one long delicious story. I kind of love my epics over here. So I wrote a handful of bonus scenes that, until now, you could only read if you happened to purchase that bundle.

For those of you who bought the first four books individually as they came out, you can now read those here on my site under Bonus Scenes.

These aren’t really stand-alone scenes. I wrote them so that each of the books would link into the next one. They’re a nice little catch up with all the characters, though. Start with Hometown Hero and work your way up.


Cover Reveal! Consequence of His Revenge

Nov 21, 2017

It’s always awesome to wake up to a new cover!

This one is kind of special in that part of it is set in Whistler and Vancouver, BC. Very close to home!

I first conceived of it when I heard the 2010 Olympics were coming to BC, which would have been several years before they actually happened.

Yes, this book roamed around my brain for over a decade before I finally got it onto the page. It’s a revenge theme, obviously. Dante hates Cami’s father so much, he fires her, but takes her on as a mistress. Everything blows up and she leaves him, but uh, oh. Guess what? Yup. There be consequences to his revenge.

I hope you’re as excited for this one as I am!