Cover Reveal! Untouched Until Her Ultra Rich Husband

Jan 22, 2019

I love waking up to a new cover from Harlequin! This one is for Untouched Until Her Ultra-Rich Husband, which comes out in June.

When my editor asked me last year if I’d like to write a book featuring an Ultra (ultra ultra) Rich hero, I said, “Of Course!” But my heroes are usually pretty stinking rich so I had to do some research to take it to the next level.

As it happens, a little movie called Crazy Rich Asians was debuting and I saw the book at my local drugstore. If you haven’t read it, I won’t spoil it, but I will say that it’s chock full of fun footnotes about culture and translations and other tasty tidbits which make it a great read.

As for the movie, I loved it, especially all the visually stunning, glorious, Presents-type settings and clothing. The wedding with the water? Such an inspiration.

So, when my American hero Gabriel walked onto the page, I wasn’t surprised he had a grandmother in Singapore. He inherits her fortune which includes Luli, a penniless computer nerd who also happens to be a former beauty contestant. (If you want to read more about how I crafted Luli’s character, read my author notes.)

Look for Untouched Until Her Ultra-Rich Husband in all the usual places starting in May.

Here’s the blurb:

The only woman to challenge him…

…is the only woman he’ll marry!

Multibillionaire Gabriel Dean is so outrageously wealthy that when computer genius Luli Cruz uses her skills to hold his inheritance to ransom, her audacity simply amuses him! Innocent Luli needs Gabriel’s help to avoid destitution. Gabriel’s solution? He’ll secure both their futures by marrying her! But sweeping wide-eyed Luli into his luxurious world, Gabriel discovers the chemistry with his untouched wife is priceless…

Welcome to the exclusive world of the ultra-rich…

Pre-Order Untouched Until Her Ultra-Rich Husband here.

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