His Blushing Bride – Free!

Jun 10, 2018

Exciting news! His Blushing Bride is free for the next couple of weeks.

I loved writing Piper and Bastian’s story! He’s a playboy nerd. She’s a sheltered music teacher who wants to know what all the fuss is about with sex. They think they can have a no-strings affair–but quickly trip over their feelings for one another. Bastian has a great relationship with his niece, too. The scene where they catch each other parking always cracks me up.

You can find the US and Canadian download links here.

Amazon UK is here

Amazon Aus is here

His Blushing Bride is Book Four in my Love In Montana series. If you like to read in order, they go like this:

1) Hometown Hero
2) Blame the Mistletoe
3) The Bachelor’s Baby
4) His Blushing Bride
4.5) Scorch*
5) His Christmas Miracle

*takes place in Glacier Creek, but Piper and Bastian come for a visit

All the links to the series are here.

Cover Reveal – In Too Deep

Jun 8, 2018

I’ve been getting lots of covers this week. The latest is for In Too Deep, Book Three in my Blue Spruce Lodge series.

I’m so excited to share Trigg and Wren’s story with you. It comes out August 7th and I may or many not have memorized what my editor said when she got back to me after reading it:

“What a total pleasure it was to read your beautiful, sensitive, funny, heart-breaking story In Too Deep. I really loved the story, but I also have just totally fallen in love with your setting, family saga and all the drama of the Johanssens.”

I don’t have pre-order links yet, but you can read the first chapters here.

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Haven’t checked into Blue Spruce Lodge yet? Start with On The Edge and From The Top.

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