Bonus Scenes for Love In Montana are up!

Nov 24, 2017

When my A Year of Love in Marietta bundle came out, I wanted it to read like one long delicious story. I kind of love my epics over here. So I wrote a handful of bonus scenes that, until now, you could only read if you happened to purchase that bundle.

For those of you who bought the first four books individually as they came out, you can now read those here on my site under Bonus Scenes.

These aren’t really stand-alone scenes. I wrote them so that each of the books would link into the next one. They’re a nice little catch up with all the characters, though. Start with Hometown Hero and work your way up.


Cover Reveal! Consequence of His Revenge

Nov 21, 2017

It’s always awesome to wake up to a new cover!

This one is kind of special in that part of it is set in Whistler and Vancouver, BC. Very close to home!

I first conceived of it when I heard the 2010 Olympics were coming to BC, which would have been several years before they actually happened.

Yes, this book roamed around my brain for over a decade before I finally got it onto the page. It’s a revenge theme, obviously. Dante hates Cami’s father so much, he fires her, but takes her on as a mistress. Everything blows up and she leaves him, but uh, oh. Guess what? Yup. There be consequences to his revenge.

I hope you’re as excited for this one as I am!

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