Sicilian + Virgin + Hot Tub = Secret Baby

Mar 20, 2018

The print version of Consequence of His Revenge releases today. It’s your classic romantic equation of:

Sicilian + Virgin + Hot Tub = Secret Baby

There’s also some revenge and subterfuge to spice it up and a darling Sicilian grandmother for sweetness. Here’s the official book description:

In debt to the billionaire…

Infamous Sicilian Dante Gallo takes great delight in firing Cami Fagan as punishment for her father’s theft. What he doesn’t expect is to desire her so intensely he can’t resist seducing her, and Dante soon discovers how deliciously innocent Cami really is!

And bound forever by his vengeance!

But what started as revenge could bind them forever when their inconvenient passion has long-lasting consequences…

Order it from Amazon today or look for it on the shelves of your favourite retailer.

Fun fact: If you’re a fan of Vito from Bought By Her Italian Boss, he makes an appearance. You’ll see even more of him and Gwyn in my December Presents, as yet untitled. Sign up for site news or my newsletter to be notified about that one.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Not In Her Wildest Dreams – 99c Sale!

Mar 10, 2018

Not In Her Wildest Dreams, Book One of my Secrets Dreams Duet has been marked down to 99c until the end of April.

Sterling and Paige are one of my favourite couples. He’s the town Golden Boy, she’s a No Good Fogarty, they had one magical kiss fifteen years ago and nothing has gone right since. Now they’re forced to work together at the factory owned by their fathers. They clash, hard.

But they were meant for each other. Their journey as they figure that out is full of town scandals and family secrets, sexy times, laughter, and angst. I hope you enjoy it.

Be sure to pick up the second half of this duet, Only In His Sweetest Dreams, where Paige’s brother finds his soul mate in Mercedes. They’re a very sweet, funny, and sexy couple. I don’t have a lot of heroes who are broke, but L.C. is pretty much down to the lint in his pockets. He knows how to fix just about anything, including Mercedes’ heart.

If you’re a fan of my Montana Born books, especially the ones with kids, you’ll love the kids in this one. This story is set in a senior’s complex and I hope you fall for them, too.

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