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Are you new to my books? Have you read one and you’re not sure what to try next? You’re in the right place to find your next Dani Collins read.

My books range from zany comedy to cry-fest, but the core is always a love that is meant-to-be. My heroes are alpha tough, but usually have a soft-centre buried under their armour, one the heroine unerringly finds. My heroines typically possess a spicy sense of humour, because how else do you get through life? And my characters are always flawed and dealing with a disaster of their own making.

Finding each couple’s unique version of happily ever after drives me to write romance. I also love some heat so even my sweetest stories have some sexy-times. I adore writing cross-over characters, but all of my books can be read as stand-alone stories, without cliff-hangers. (Except Secrets of the A-List, which you can read about here.)

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