His Blushing Bride

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Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta...

Piper Tierney is busy wrapping up the school year and planning the music for Marietta’s Wedding Of The Century. She does not need one of her parents’ backpacking hippies under foot. Except the guy they let stay in their house is so much more than the California couch-surfer he resembles. Before she knows it, she’s making time to make time, even though he’s only in town for a couple of weeks.

Taking a break from working on his doctorate in political science, Sebastian Bloom wants to reassure himself his sister isn’t making another mistake with her upcoming wedding to a Marietta rancher. He’s definitely not looking for a bride for himself. Marriage and family are a trap. But Piper is cute, funny, and wants to move on from her ex.

They agree to a no strings affair, but will they wind up tying the knot?

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I don’t need a job. I have a blog

- Sebastian Bloom, His Blushing Bride, May 11th, Montana Born

Note From Dani

When I sat down to write this book, I pitched a completely different hero to my fellow authors. Let me back up and describe the premise.

Like my other Montana Born books, this story is set in Marietta and is part of a multi-author series revolving around a celebrity wedding. A local girl (NancyLynn Pruitt) went on to become a famous soap opera star and comes back with something to prove. She’s staging a huge wedding and our assignment was to create characters Nancy uses for her wedding, so my fellow authors had heroines who are cake decorators and florists, etc.

I decided my heroine would be the high school music teacher who happens to conduct the Marietta community orchestra. My hero was going to be a rock and roll guy, a celebrity friend of the bride and groom, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Then I remembered that Liz in Blame The Mistletoe had mentioned her brother. He didn’t even have a name, but he traveled a lot. He was currently in South America for some unknown reason and he put himself through college by working at their mother’s nail salon.

What kind of guy is this, I wondered? Well, he’s drop-dead sexy, loves women and they love him. He comes across as completely superficial, but soon reveals he has a lot more going on under the surface. I fell in love with Bastian and hope you will too.

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About Dani Collins

Dani Collins grew up in Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver, when it was still a small town. With a father and both grandfathers switching up between logging and fishing, she grew into a quintessential BC girl: green, natural, and impervious to rain. Despite a lot of canning and hanging of laundry in her childhood, Dani has a habit of leaping into the unknown, which she credits to her ancestor, Samuel Robertson, a boatwright from Scotland who pioneered Maple Ridge and traded furs to the Hudson’s Bay Company in Fort Langley. Given this adventurer’s blood, she’s always been drawn to stories about people braving life in faraway lands.

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