Cruel Summer

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“Is there anything I could say or do to earn your forgiveness?”

Website designer Chelsea Parks grew up believing she would marry her best friend’s brother. In college, she gave him her virginity and he broke her heart. She knows she’ll have to face him, now that she’s maid of honor at his sister’s wedding, but she doesn’t expect to sit next to him on the plane to California. Good thing she’s so completely over him.

Architect Gavin Fairfield knows he screwed up, but he’s matured since then. Standing in as Father Of The Bride because his dad recently passed, he’s reassessing his future, realizing how short life is and how much he misses Chelsea. He can see now that they’re meant for each other. Too bad she’s so completely over him.

Staying at his family’s summer home, revisiting their old stomping grounds, burns Chelsea alive in old flames. Gavin is as easy to love as ever. She’d like to be friends again, might even succumb to a fling for old time’s sake, but real relationship aren’t built on a weekend of nostalgia. Are they?

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I don’t hate you. I hate myself for thinking I was different.

- Chelsea, Cruel Summer, July 2015

Note From Dani

I started to write Cruel Summer for a contest offering free promotional services to the winner. As the story took shape, however, I fell for Gavin. He broke Chelsea’s heart, but really was her destiny. I couldn’t bring myself to sign them away to strangers.

I decided to offer Cruel Summer to new readers as a sample of my writing. Cruel Summer is similar in tone to my Montana Born novellas, but has all the emotion and passion of my Presents, so it makes a great, no-risk calling card for readers who are wondering whether they’ll like my books.

And here’s a fun add-on. I don’t usually write to music, but I wound up mentioning a lot of summer oldies in the story. You can listen to the playlist is here:

Playlist (in the order mentioned in the book)

Cruel Summer, Bananarama
Summer Breeze, Seals and Croft
Summer Nights, Grease (also known as Summer Loving)
Endless Summer Nights, Richard Marx
Summer Madness, Kool and the Gang
Boys Of Summer, Don Henley
Hot Fun In The Summertime, Sly & The Family Stone
Summer, War
Summer Love, Justin Timberlake
Suddenly, Last Summer, The Motels

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About Dani Collins

Dani Collins grew up in Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver, when it was still a small town. With a father and both grandfathers switching up between logging and fishing, she grew into a quintessential BC girl: green, natural, and impervious to rain. Despite a lot of canning and hanging of laundry in her childhood, Dani has a habit of leaping into the unknown, which she credits to her ancestor, Samuel Robertson, a boatwright from Scotland who pioneered Maple Ridge and traded furs to the Hudson’s Bay Company in Fort Langley. Given this adventurer’s blood, she’s always been drawn to stories about people braving life in faraway lands.

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