New to Dani? 

Are you brand new to my books? Have you read one and you’re not sure what to try next? You’re in the right place to find your next Dani Collins read.

My books range in tone from zany comedy to cry-fest, but the core is always a romance with a love that is meant-to-be. My heroes are alpha tough, but usually have a soft-centre buried under their armour, one that the heroine unerringly finds. My heroines typically posses a sense of humour, because how else do you get through life? And my characters are always flawed and dealing with a disaster of their own making.

Ensuring each couple finds their version of happily ever after is a must for me as an author and even my sweetest stories have love scenes that are pretty sexy. I love writing cross-over characters, but all of my books can be read as stand-alone stories, without cliff-hangers. (Except Secrets of the A-List, which you can read about here.)

Happy browsing!

New to Dani? Welcome! What do you like to read? Check out these recommendations

Do you love classic, passionate, angsty romance?

The romances I grew up on…

Harlequin Presents are fast-paced, dramatic and set in exotic locations. They focus on tycoon heroes and their innocent, but feisty heroines. These are very sexy books, but the love scenes are handled with euphemisms. You will only see mild cursing, but plenty of passion and intense conflict and, of course, a wonderfully satisfying HEA.

Start with The Secret Beneath The Veil, which features an iconically damaged hero who seems incapable of love, but who falls for the ultimate virgin after she takes her sister’s place as his bride. Read the opening here. You’ll be hooked!

Want a good happy-cry with some seasonal cheer?

Sometimes you just want a good cry.

His Christmas Miracle will give you all the feels, especially the Happily Ever After sigh when it all ties up with a big, red bow.

This holiday story follows Nicki using an Advent calendar to help Quincy bond with Atlas–the four year old son he has just learned he has. This one is sweeter in tone than a lot of my books, but it does have a love scene. It also has a book trailer to get you in the seasonal spirit and an Advent calendar you can download and make at home.

His Christmas Miracle is Book Five in my Love In Montana series, but it can be read as a stand-alone. If you like to read in order, start with Hometown Hero.

Love twins? How about two pairs of them?

The Sauveterre Siblings are two sets of identical twins, older boys, younger girls. They’re the product of a French Tycoon father and his Spanish Aristocrat wife. They’re rich, gorgeous, and have been media darlings all their lives–except the youngest, Trella. She’s a recluse.

I took it to the next level when Henri’s mistress, Cinnia, accidentally got pregnant with–you guess it–twins! That’s His Mistress With Two Secrets. If you like to read in order, start with Pursued by the Desert Prince.

Looking for books with babies?

How about a Baby Swap?

I have a lot of books with babies, but my most popular has been my baby swap duet, the Wrong Heirs.

Cesar has amnesia and doesn’t recall making love to his P.A., Sorcha. His first inkling that he’s a father arrives with the hospital phone call requesting he submit to a DNA test to determine which of the switched babies is his.

Of course the baby is The Consequence He Must Claim.

If you like to read in order, start with The Marriage He Must Keep.

Some like it hot. Do you?

Pleasures in Disguise…

Mastering Her Role is the first in my very hot Pleasures In Disguise duet of erotic romances.

In both books, masks are worn and secrets are kept. In Mastering Her Role, Arianne asks her neighbour, Jason, to introduce her to Dominic, a dominant instructor in the erotic arts. Does Dominic bear a striking resemblance to Jason? The man she has been crushing on forever? Maybe.

These two can be read as stand-alones, but Arianne and Dominic make a brief appearance in Playing The Master.

Love a heartfelt series with genuine characters who earn their HEA?

If you love it to feel real…

Come home to Marietta, Montana, where ranchers and school-teachers–and even a ballplayer coming back to check on his kid brother–overcome heartache as they fall in love.

Start with Hometown Hero which sets the sweetly sexy tone for my Love In Montana series.