Jun 1, 2024

Here’s a tiny twist on the surprise baby trope: My heroine Fliss tells Saint she’s pregnant, but only because she wants him to make a statement that her baby is not his, so the paparazzi will leave her alone.

Saint is no saint, but he absolutely refuses to turn his back on his child–especially after he discovers how she got pregnant. (Not her fault. Definitely his.)

If you love a bad-boy/playboy hero, sabotaged birth control that results in a shotgun marriage, a tarot card reading heroine who successfully bets on the ponies, and a scene at an upper-crust party that involves the hero both protecting the heroine and shattering her trust in him, then Her Billion-dollar Bump is for you!

Good news! You can get it today if you buy on Harlequin.com or Mills & Boon UK.

Cinderella’s confession:

“I’m pregnant.”

Housemaid Fliss gave up her fashion dreams to care for her late grandmother. So finding a discarded invitation to the year’s most exclusive event feels like her last chance to get her designs noticed. She just never imagined that attention would come from notorious Saint Montgomery…

Knowing she doesn’t belong in the billionaire’s world, innocent Fliss can’t resist one night of Saint’s expert seduction. Except when his “thank you” diamonds land her in the headlines, she’s drawn back into his powerful presence. Because she has news of her own—and the bump to prove it!

Wait! There’s more. Her Billion-dollar Bump is part of the Diamonds of the Rich and Famous trilogy that I wrote with my writing pals Maya Blake and Emmy Grayson. They all stand-alone so you can read them in any order. Happy reading!

Book 1: Accidentally Wearing the Argentinian’s Ring by Maya Blake
Book 2: Prince’s Forgotten Diamond by Emmy Grayson
Book 3: Her Billion-Dollar Bump by Dani Collins

May 31, 2024

I am thrilled, thrilled I tell you, with this cover for the final book in my Raven’s Cove series. I’m thrilled with all of these covers, to be honest, but look closely at this one. You’ll see the tail of a whale in the water. How cute is that?!

I don’t want to give too much away about this one. If you’ve read Marrying the Nanny then you know the three brothers are deeply concerned that Storm’s aunt is going to show up and steal their baby sister.

Some of you have already guessed who Trystan falls fathoms-deep in love with! Yup. Cloe.

Wanting a Family Man doesn’t come out until October 1st (I know! I’m sorry!) But you can read the opening chapters on my website here.

Book Two, Forgiving Her First Love, comes out July 16th. Soon. But if you’ve read the first book and you’re hankering for more Raven’s Cove, get the bonus epilogue here.

See you in Raven’s Cove!

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