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Oct 15, 2019

I’ve accidentally signed up for a bunch of multi-author giveaways through October. I’ve compiled them all here for you so you don’t have to go very far to collect your treats. Click on the images to visit all four sites and claim as many books as you want!

Closes Oct 27th – Clean Romance Books

Twenty books and samplers to choose from, all with no sexy times on the page and no cursing. Enjoy!

Closes Oct 30th – Freebie Fair on Bookish Giveaways

Multiple genres and the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Good luck!

Oct 21st – Nov 4th: Sweater Weather

An eclectic mix of sixty-plus romance previews, samplers and full romance novels to warm you up as the weather gets colder.

Oct 25th – Nov 8th: Trick or Read

Over forty (maybe more by now) previews and full novels in all genres, not just romance. Stock up for those long winter nights!

Look for Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal on shelves now!

Oct 15, 2019

Want a romance with a hint of Halloween? Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal opens at a masked ball!

When I was writing Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal, I knew it would come out around October or November. I wanted my hero to be a bit of a jewel-theif so a masked ball worked perfectly for Angelo to infiltrate the estate where he was born. Plus, the new owners are Rico and Poppy from The Maid’s Spanish Secret. Poppy is Canadian so Halloween is a thing for her. She ticks off her mother-in-law with her costume ball, but it’s a roaring success.

It’s such a crush, Pia, Rico’s sister, slips away and runs into a masked stranger. They have a tryst on a rooftop, something she thinks is only a memory to hold close in her future marriage to someone else, but she turns up pregnant a few weeks later. Look for Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal to find out what happens next!

Here’s what reviewers on Goodreads are saying about the hero:

“…I loved Angelo. There was a lot of depth in his character. Despite his quest for revenge and forcing his hand with Pia and overall a complete alpha, he still understood her insecurities and was caring and tender toward her…” ~Brenda, 5 stars

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