Feb 13, 2024

It is a true fact that I have a lot of books out this year. But this one is special. The whole Raven’s Cove trilogy is.

They started when my aunt showed me photos of her visit to the island where my cousin had been working for more than a decade, in a remote part of Canada’s west coast. Denny Island is a tiny fishing village that you can only reach by ferry, boat or plane. I instantly thought, “What a great place to set a book.”

Story wise, I’d been noodling something with three brothers and came up with: Three Men and a Baby on an Island.

I sat on it for close to a year. Then, in 2018, my husband and I went to visit for a few days. It was a journey and a half to get there and so worth it. That corner of the world is beautiful and rugged and the village was tiny enough that everyone knows everyone’s business–my favorite kind of setting for a story.

I came home and began to write, but things got in the way—other books and life and pandemic and loss. Sadly, my aunt passed, then my cousin. I can’t look at the covers, with their oceanside scenery, without thinking of Auntie Honey and Lorne.

But these books are also a celebration of deep, intrinsic parts of me. Both of my grandfathers and my dad were gillnetters. They all visited that same tiny village as they traveled up the coast to fish. These stories became a love letter to this special part of Canada and my childhood and relatives I remember with deep, deep fondness.

I really hope you’ll visit Raven’s Cove with Marrying the Nanny, then come back for Forgiving Her First Love in Jul and Book Three (untitled) which releases Oct 1.

Spend the summer in Raven’s Cove! You won’t regret it.

Feb 9, 2024

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 signed copies of Marrying the Nanny over on Goodreads. US or Canada only, I’m afraid. They didn’t give me any other choices. Closes Feb 21 so hurry!

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Marrying the Nanny

by Dani Collins

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