Manga Madness!

Dec 8, 2018

Did you know I have a dedicated Manga page? And new Harlequin Comics coming out this month? I adore them! They’re so dramatic and gorgeous!

The first is Proof of Their Sin on Dec 8th.

She knows she shouldn’t love him, but her attraction to her late husband’s best friend can’t be ignored.

Lauren is pregnant…and the father of her child is her deceased husband’s best friend, Paolo! Three months ago, her husband went missing in battle and Lauren had only Paolo to depend on. When the Italian banker told her the tragic news, they turned to each other for comfort and wound up in the bedroom. The small life within her is a ray of hope for Lauren, but when she goes to Paolo to announce the joyous news, he is cold-hearted and dismissive: “Pregnant? Congratulations. Who is the father?”

Then Seduced into The Greek’s World will be available Dec 11th.

Together with my boss in the City of Light—what could go wrong?

Natalie is a single mother whose everyday life is filled with work and caring for her little girl, leaving no time for romance. When her work takes her to Paris, she is invited to a dinner with her boss, millionaire Demitri Makricosta. Her heart flutters at his passionate gaze but she tells herself she’s there to work. Still, when she has dinner with him, she struggles to resist his charm and soon finds herself in his bed. It was supposed to be just a one-night fantasy. But maybe the future holds more…


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Special Discount – Consequence Of His Revenge

Dec 4, 2018

Exciting news! is discounting Consequence of His Revenge to $1.99 for today only.

Fun fact: My publisher asked me how pregnant Cami was because the art team wanted to give her a baby bump on the cover. I said that was fine, but don’t make her pregnant in the hot tub since that’s when she loses her virginity.

Um. Yeah. They’re in the hot tub and she is massively pregnant. Still a fun story and still a fun discount!

In debt to the billionaire…

Infamous Sicilian Dante Gallo takes great delight in firing Cami Fagan as punishment for her father’s theft. What he doesn’t expect is to desire her so intensely he can’t resist seducing her, and Dante soon discovers how deliciously innocent Cami really is!

And bound forever by his vengeance!

But what started as revenge could bind them forever when their inconvenient passion has long-lasting consequences…

All the buy links are here, but please check prices. I don’t know if this is discounted anywhere else.

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