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Innocent in Her Enemy’s Bed – Out Now!

Jul 26, 2022

Innocent in Her Enemy’s Bed is a good ol’ fashioned enemy’s to lovers with a greek hero and a virgin heroine, an evil stepmother, terrible betrayals, and a ruined wedding. It’s also got heat and heart and some silly banter. Eg:

He removed his jacket to reveal the stain of red wine on his chest.
“Did you lose a duel?”
“One of our guests had too much to drink.” He began unbuttoning his shirt, gaze on the cuffs he was releasing. “If I were in a duel, I wouldn’t lose.”
“Says the man defeated by a glass of wine.”
“Oof. I see what you did there. You should be ashamed of yourself.”
“Yet I rarely am,” he said in a blithe tone while stepping into the closet.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Keeping her enemy close…means getting far closer than she thought!

Ilona Callas is aware that Leander Vasilou will do anything for revenge against her stepfamily. She just never pictured herself becoming the formidable Greek businessman’s ally!

Since clawing his way to the top after being betrayed, Leander exists alone. Ilona should be his ticket to vengeance…until an explosive moment of intimacy changes everything. So begins a sensual back-and-forth that will lead to one place: their marriage bed!

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Check out this *fabulous* reader giveaway!

Jul 18, 2022

Melissa McClone’s exciting giveaway runs from July 18th-24th.

Who is Melissa? Well, long story short, Melissa McClone is a fellow Tule author who puts together Mother’s Day totes every year for Fisher House. It’s an organization that provides comfort homes to military vets and their families when they have to travel for medical treatment.

After Melissa does all the work of collecting the author donations of books and other swag, she puts them together into totes and delivers them to the houses. You would think that would leave her too tuckered to do anything else, wouldn’t you? Heck, no. She then uses whatever is left over to make these amazing reader giveaways.

Be sure to enter and good luck!

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