The Sauveterre Siblings

Meet the world's most renowned family…

About the Sauveterre Siblings

When I pitched the Sauveterres to my editor, I was thinking the brothers were going to be sports stars and that Trella was actually going to fall for a man who had been a youth at the time of her kidnapping and implicated in it.

I sent in the proposal and, after some back and forth with my editor, the brothers became tycoons and the book order was rearranged.

I was still convinced Trella would fall for that other guy, but while I was writing her sister’s story, I had the idea to put in the Mistaken Twin scene. Angelique is confronted by Xavier who thinks she’s Trella. Her lover, Kasim, is right there and, for a moment, doubts Angelique’s fidelity, which gets her back up.

I loved the scene, but, um, who was this Xavier guy? He came into focus as the rest of the series rolled out, but I had initially envisioned Book Two as Book Four. Henri and Cinnia’s story had to be completely rethunk, including the opening I had already written where they meet at Wimbledon.

With Ramon, who was supposed to be a football (soccer) star, I had this whole backstory where his heroine is the secret daughter of the man who owns his football team. My editor suggested I make him a race car driver, which meant I was able to keep a lot of my backstory for Isidora, but the front story of how they met had to be completely re-invented.

Finally, I came to write Trella’s story, and I was fenced in by all the backstory details I had built into the previous three books kind of on the fly. I love her book, but I can’t tell you what a relief it was when it was done and dusted.

This series was so much work! Kind of like raising two sets of twins, I imagine.

Here’s Harlequin’s introduction to the Sauveterres:

Meet the world’s most renowned family…

Angelique, Henri, Ramon, and Trella, two sets of twins born to a wealthy French tycoon and his Spanish aristoract wife. Fame, notoriety and an excess of bodyguards is the price of being part of their illustrious dynasty. And wherever the Sauveterre twins go, scandal is sure to follow!

They’re protected by the best security money can buy, and no one can breach through their barriers… But what happens when each of these Sauveterre siblings meets the one person who can breach their hearts…?

Reader Questions

How did you come up with the idea for two sets of twins in the Sauveterre Quartet?

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