The Wrong Heirs Duet

Securing the billionaires’ legacies!

About the Wrong Heirs Duet

This was originally a duet. You can read about how I came up with the baby swap idea below, but I’ve since added Cesar’s siblings to this world. Look for Rico’s story in The Maid’s Spanish Secret and Pia’s in Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal.

When I starting thinking about writing a baby swap duet, I thought it must have been done to death by now.

A quick search on Amazon, however, only turned up a handful and some of them were IVF errors, not actual babies. So I knew I was on to something that was a little different, which is always fun.

Of course, maybe not every author tries this premise because the plotting logistics are a small nightmare.

First, I wanted to switch actual babies, at the hospital, but I knew right away that I would have some challenges. Hospitals actually have a lot of protocols in place to prevent this. So it couldn’t be oversight. At least not only oversight. I needed a villain.

Fine. Got one. Then I needed to get two women giving birth at the same hospital at the same time. Also it should be a hospital with slightly less security than the average Harlequin Presents heroine would expect. I mean, Octavia is married to an Italian tycoon. Surely he would arrange a private facility for his wife?

In fact, the other father is in Spain. How do these two women wind up in the same hospital at all?

I put them in London for different reasons and then gave them caesarian sections, because if they were conscious, they would see their baby right away, right?

After ironing all those details out, I got the villain into the secured annex and he made the switch with the wristbands.

Then I had another small agony to deal with. Do the women ‘know’ the switch has happened? I felt like they should, so they’re not nursing the wrong baby. Also, I liked the idea of them feeling very strongly that they know their own babies.

Finally, that’s all very well and good that they suffer this switch, but it doesn’t sustain a whole book. They need their own stories, which is how they turned into a broken marriage and a PA pregnant with the boss’s baby who has amnesia.

Here’s how Harlequin describes it:

Securing the billionaires’ legacies!

Meet Alessandro Ferante, Italian tycoon, and Cesar Montero y Rosales, Spanish aristocrat.

Their whole lives, they have done their duty and commanded everything in their sight.

But after a mix-up at the hospital, they’re left holding the wrong baby, and their lives are turned upside down in a heartbeat!

With their heirs back in their rightful place and their legacies ensured, the only thing left to secure are their brides!

Reader Questions

How did you come up with the baby swap idea?

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