The Love in Montana Series

Sexy, heartfelt stories celebrating small town life and big sky love.

About the Love in Montana Series

Welcome to Marietta, where even newcomers feel at home…

When I started writing for Montana Born, I was still feeling very newly published, which is to say, I was overwhelmed and terrified. I had turned in four or five books to Harlequin and I honestly wasn’t sure if I was capable of writing other types of romance.

I was delighted to discover that writing small town romance actually came very naturally to me. In fact, writing Hometown Hero for their Homecoming series was like finding home for me. I was thrilled when I was able to join a few more of their series over the next year.

Now, I’ve always enjoyed linked books. That’s probably why this felt like such a good fit for me. Authors are encouraged to make the town of Marietta come alive by bringing in characters from other author’s books.

But I had also been thinking that I wanted to write a series myself. It was more an aspiration at the time. I didn’t come into writing these books thinking “This is my Love in Montana” series.

But as I wrote a total of six books, five set in Marietta, all with cross-over characters, it turned into a series. They’re all stand-alone books and you can read them in any order, but you’ll probably enjoy them more if you read them in order.

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