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Untouched Until Her Ultra-Rich Husband
Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience
The Consequence He Must Claim
The Sheikh’s Sinful Seduction
Pursued by the Desert Prince
The Secret Beneath the Veil
The Marriage He Must Keep
Seduced into the Greek’s World
Proof of Their Sin
A Debt Paid in Passion
The Ultimate Seduction


His Christmas Miracle Advent Calendar

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His Christmas Miracle Book Trailer


Blue Spruce Lodge Postcard
Wrong Heirs Postcard
Makricosta Dynasty Postcard

 Bonus Scenes 

Meeting Mr. Right – Harlequin Mini-Romance for Woman’s World
The Russian’s Acquisition Christmas Epilogue
Bonus Scene His Blushing Bride Wedding News
Bonus Scene The Bachelor’s Baby At The Wedding
Bonus Scene The Bachelor’s Baby Baby News
Bonus Scene Blame The Mistletoe Baby News
Bonus Scene Hometown Hero Wedding
Bonus Scene Hometown Hero Engagement

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Romance Romp Podcast – On The Edge
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Samplers – Download Sneak Peeks
Blue Spruce Lodge Floorplan
The Healer Character Guide
Map of Kerfdom

 Favorite Quotes 

Favorite Quote: Innocent in Her Enemy’s Bed
Favorite Quote: Cinderella for the Miami Playboy
Favorite Quote: One Snowbound New Year’s Night
Favorite Quote: Scandal Befitting a Princess
Secret Sisters Favorite Quotes
Favorite Quote: Her Impossible Baby Bombshell
Favorite Quote: Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation
Favorite Quote: What the Greek’s Wife Needs
Favorite Quote: Innocent in the Sheikh’s Palace
Feuding Billionaire Brothers Favourite Quotes
Barsi on Fifth Favourite Quotes
Blue Spruce Lodge Favorite Quotes
Makricosta Dynasty Favorite Quotes
Pleasures In Disguise Favorite Quotes
The Wrong Heirs Favorite Quotes
Love In Montana Favorite Quotes
Dreams Duet Favorite Quotes
Sauveterre Siblings Favorite Quotes

 Author Notes 

Notes on Innocent in Her Enemy’s Bed
Notes on Cinderella for the Miami Playboy
Notes on One Snowbound New Year’s Night
Notes on Scandal Befitting a Princess
Notes on Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion
Notes on Married for One Reason Only
Notes on Her Impossible Baby Bombshell
Notes on Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation
Notes on What the Greek’s Wife Needs
Notes on Innocent in the Sheikh’s Palace
Notes on Confessions of an Italian Marriage
Notes on Beauty and Her One-Night Baby
Notes on A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him
Notes on Cinderella’s Royal Seduction
Notes on Bound By Their Nine-Month Scandal
Notes on Innocent’s Pregnancy Revelation
Notes on The Maid’s Spanish Secret
Notes on Untouched Until her Ultra-Rich Husband
Notes on Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet
Notes on A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire
Notes on Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal
Notes on A Virgin for the Billionaire’s Revenge
Notes on In Too Deep
Notes on Claiming His Christmas Wife
Notes on From The Top
Notes on Sheikh’s Princess Of Convenience
Notes on The Secret Billionaire’s Mistress
Notes on Year Of Love
Notes on On The Edge
Notes on Secrets Of The A List
Notes on Consequence Of His Revenge
Notes on Prince’s Son Of Scandal
Notes on Bound By The Millionaire’s Ring
Notes on Xenakis’s Convenient Bride
Notes on His Mistress With Two Secrets
Notes on Pursued By The Desert Prince
Notes on Only In His Sweetest Dreams
Notes on Not In Her Wildest Dreams
Notes on His Christmas Miracle
Notes on The Secret Beneath The Veil
Notes on Bought By Her Italian Boss
Notes on Scorch, Montana Firefighters
Notes on Taken By The Raider
Notes on The Consequence He Must Claim
Notes on Vows Of Revenge
Notes on Cruel Summer
Notes on Seduced Into The Greek’s World
Notes on His Blushing Bride
Notes on The Bachelor’s Baby
Notes on The Sheikh’s Sinful Seduction
Notes on The Russian’s Acquisition
Notes on Blame The Mistletoe
Notes on Hometown Hero
Notes on Mastering Her Role
Notes on Playing The Master
Notes on The Ultimate Seduction
Notes on The Secret In Room 823
Notes on An Heir To Bind Them
Notes on A Debt Paid In Passion
Notes on More Than A Convenient Marriage?
Notes on Proof Of Their Sin
Notes on The Healer
Notes on No Longer Forbidden?
Notes on Hustled To The Altar
Notes on The Marriage He Must Keep