Book Type: Novel

Maid to Marry

How to avoid scandal?

Marry the Greek!

An illicit kiss with Atlas Voudouris got chalet maid Stella Sutter fired. When she bumps into him five years later, she’s still furious! Except as she accuses him of ruining her life, long-dormant desires come alive…

Atlas is about to announce the convenient wedding that will secure his inheritance. However, once paparazzi photos of his and Stella’s heated encounter go public, Atlas is left short a bride. The only answer? Make Stella his wife! But are his diamond and their dangerous passion enough to bridge the gap between their very different worlds?

A convenient marriage, opposites attract, Greek billionaire romance by USA TODAY bestselling author Dani Collins.

Wanting a Family Man

He prefers his own company. She longs for family…

Cloe Vance had one goal when she learned she’d lost her sister: reach her infant niece. Though unable to assume custody—Cloe is broke, homeless and unemployed—she’s determined to ensure Storm is loved and cared for, even if that means working with her celebrity crush, Trystan Fraser, who doesn’t trust her.

The isolation of Raven’s Cove inspired the wilderness survival series that made Trystan famous. He refused to return until the unexpected death of his father forces him to help his estranged half-brothers refurbish the resort, hoping to secure a future for their infant half-sister. When Storm’s aunt arrives, for once the brothers are aligned…and scared. Does she want Storm or money?

Trystan’s tasked with discovering her motives by hiring Cloe to help with the week-long whale watching excursions. Their chemistry sizzles, yet Trystan resists behaving like his philandering father. In the fall, he’s returning to his globetrotting career. Cloe is a temptation he doesn’t need, but can she teach him that home is where the heart is?

The Saloon Girl’s Only Shot

Can a charming saloon keeper convince a ruined barmaid he’s a sure bet?

True love is worth more than gold in this delightful followup to The Prospector’s Only Prospect.

Scandal has taught aspiring school teacher Temperance Goodrich to never trust a man. Stranded in lawless Denver City, she’ll do anything to earn enough to return home before winter–even work as a saloon girl. But entertaining rough men who are starved for female company isn’t easy, and time is running out.

When Owen Stames finally finds a claim that pays, he’s determined to prove the naysayers wrong and open his own saloon before the gold runs out. Too bad the sole vacant building is a former funeral parlor, and the only available employee is the prickly city girl who’s been fired from every bar in town.

Temperance is wary of Owen, especially when the accommodation he offers is a bed they must share. But when a brazen robbery nearly costs them everything, they realize they only have one shot at love… so they’d better take it.

His Highness’s Hidden Heir

A shotgun wedding…

at the palace altar!

Former wild-child actress Lexi’s mission to reclaim her career at a gala is thwarted when she’s found by her stalker. Sending her straight into the protective arms of irresistible Prince Magnus! They succumb to a single night of scalding pleasure…

When a positive pregnancy test changes Lexi’s plans, she knows Magnus can’t be tied to her scandalous reputation, however safe he made her feel. But after Magnus discovers her secret, his coldly pragmatic solution blindsides her. And newlywed princess Lexi is left wondering if her royal husband even remembers their explosive encounter…

Dani’s 60th Harlequin! Get ready to celebrate!!

An accidental pregnancy, marriage of convenience, royal romance by USA TODAY bestselling author Dani Collins.

Husband for the Holidays

A fake engagement, brother’s best friend, forbidden, Christmas romance by USA TODAY bestselling author Dani Collins.

A billionaire for Christmas…
or for life?

To Konstantin Galanis, heiress Eloise Martin was always strictly off-limits. Too young, too innocent—and his late best friend’s sister. Then he spots her in snowy Manhattan dressed as a Christmas elf, and discovers she’s chosen destitution over a loveless marriage. The steely tycoon feels duty-bound to offer her protection with his own festive proposal…

The kiss Konstantin turned down years ago still haunts Eloise. Accepting his convenient ring is an act of desperation, and every minute in his intoxicating presence inflames her hopeless desire. Has Konstantin saved her from the cold…yet condemned her to burn?

Forgiving Her First Love

They have a past they’d both rather forget…

When Logan Fraser arrives to save the marina she manages, Sophie Peterson is skeptical that she can count on him. She spent her childhood crushing on Logan, and they even had a brief affair when he came back to Raven’s Cove the summer she graduated high school, but he left again, breaking her heart.

Logan escaped Raven’s Cove to design luxury yachts. He was done with the relentless rain and a childhood of feeling responsible for other people’s unhappiness. His mother stuck out her difficult marriage for Logan’s sake, even when his father had yet another affair. By the time Sophie looked to Logan for happiness, he knew it was every man for himself.

Now Logan’s profligate father has died, leaving him an orphaned sister and a financial mess that demands a Herculean effort with his estranged brothers to resolve. He needs Sophie’s help, but her priorities are her son, grandfather and sanity. Still, she needs the job, but she’ll never trust Logan again.

Marrying the Enemy

Heading to the altar with the man she hates most…

Two warring households…
One marriage to unite them!

The Blackwood and Visconti feud has spanned generations. So when billionaire Domenico is stranded on a remote island with stunning adversary heiress Evelina, sparks are sure to fly. Just not the ones he thought…

Eve surrenders to her instant soul-burning chemistry with Dom, vowing never to reveal their sin… Until the age-old rivalry threatens to destroy her family. Now to ensure a truce, Eve must do the unthinkable: marry the enemy. Except how can she keep things strictly on paper when she can’t ignore the hunger her husband has unleashed?

Her Billion-Dollar Bump

Cinderella’s confession:

“I’m pregnant.”

Housemaid Fliss gave up her fashion dreams to care for her late grandmother. So finding a discarded invitation to the year’s most exclusive event feels like her last chance to get her designs noticed. She just never imagined that attention would come from notorious Saint Montgomery

Knowing she doesn’t belong in the billionaire’s world, innocent Fliss can’t resist one night of Saint’s expert seduction. Except when his “thank you” diamonds land her in the headlines, she’s drawn back into his powerful presence. Because she has news of her own—and the bump to prove it!

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Marrying the Nanny

When infant Storm is orphaned, nanny Emma Wright, on a work visa and still reeling from a painful divorce, yearns to adopt her but must relinquish Storm to her three adult half-brothers. They remind her of a pack of wolves–protective, but not prepared to care for a baby. Alpha male Reid is especially aloof and intimidating.

Like his younger brothers, Reid Fraser left the Westcoast village of Raven’s Cove at eighteen and never looked back. Now a successful corporate consultant who rescues failing businesses—which is what this fly-in fishing resort has become, Reid must rally his brothers to save Storm’s inheritance, but he and his estranged brothers barely get along. They can’t deal with an infant, too. They need the nanny.

As Emma coaches Reid through midnight feedings and teething, they try to ignore the sexual pull between them. Then they learn Storm may have family who could take her from them. Reid proposes a marriage of convenience, but will it be enough to keep this fractured family together?

The Secret of Their Billion-Dollar Baby

They’re having a baby, but will it save their marriage…?

A good Greek marriage needs an heir
Only this baby comes at a price!

Sasha married billionaire Rafael Zamos to escape her stepfather’s control. But is the gilded cage of her convenient union any better? Lost within their marital facade, Sasha fiercely protects her heart while surrendering to her husband’s intoxicating touch…

Might a child bring them closer? Sasha knows they’d both dote on a baby, yet heartbreakingly they’re unable to conceive. She finds her and Rafael a surrogate from the dark shadows of her past. Yet a secret threatens to destroy the very foundations of Sasha’s carefully curated world…

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