Author Notes Tis the Season for Seduction

I was devastated at the end of 2022 when I realized I would have to give up writing one of the books I had promised to Harlequin. It was going to be a holiday-theme and I was excited for it, but also burnt out. Something had to give, so I gave up that book.

It meant that I wouldn’t have any new releases in the final quarter of 2023, but I resigned myself to that. Then, like a small Christmas miracle, my editor asked me to contribute a short, holiday-themed story to offer readers as a fun, holiday freebie.

I *adored* writing this cute story that starts out with Natasha playing Secret Santa while pining for her boss. They had a one-night stand the year before and have never mentioned it again. Until today, when she can’t take it any longer and quits her job.

This little stocking stuffer of a short story brightened my spirits and I hope it does the same for you.

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