Notes on A Debt Paid In Passion

I had a firm vision for the opening of this book. The hero would hear that the heroine would not be prosecuted for embezzlement and he’d be furious—right up until she faints. Then he would learn she is pregnant and bam! Everything changes.

That’s pretty much all I had when I began writing it. By the time I turned it in, I had decided the theft was a misunderstanding, but my editor said, “What if she really stole the money?”

Hmm. This required a serious re-write but, Oh, the conflict and emotion! It became one of the hardest books I’ve written. Raoul is not only a deliciously angry hero thirsting for revenge, but one who needs to remain sexy as heck. Sirena is guilty, but she can’t be a pushover. These were hard balances to find, but it turned into a Top Pick from RT Book Reviews so I must have managed it.

A Debt Paid In Passion is not directly linked to Proof Of Their Sin, but Lauren and Paolo make a brief appearance. I imagine one day I’ll write the story of Sirena’s little sister, maybe even Raoul’s half-sister, but those are very distant goals.

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