Notes on An Heir To Bind Them

When it came to the Makricosta siblings, I knew what had happened to Nic in No Longer Forbidden? and I knew what had happened to Adara in More Than A Convenient Marriage? I knew Demitri, the youngest brother, was a hellion and I had a very good idea where his story would go.

Theo was a dark horse. I didn’t know his story. I only knew he needed a very special type of heroine, one who would bring out the kind of tenderness he didn’t know he possessed.

Jaya left India with some very bad memories. That gave her the right kind of reserve that, oddly, Theo is most comfortable with. And because he was so aloof, yet adhered to his own self-imposed standards, she trusted him and even fell for him a little bit.

This might have been the most distant pair of people in romance writing history if I hadn’t added one special ingredient to bring them together. Babies! Lots of them.

I didn’t intend the Makricosta series to even be a series, but once I had them in mind, I knew there had to be an arc through the four stories. Somehow these siblings all had to come together and make peace with their past. Adara is attempting to do that, inviting everyone onto Gideon’s yacht, when the boat is attacked. Theo must fly the babies to safety.

He doesn’t know where to turn, except to Jaya, but she has a baby of her own, and it’s his!

I love this story for the way Theo and Jaya create their own world. They aren’t capable of loving anyone else, so it’s very fortunate they found each other.

Nic and Rowan, from Book One, No Longer Forbidden? make an appearance along with Adara from Book Two, More Than A Convenient Marriage? (Gideon is still stuck on the ship.) But we get our first glimpse of Demitri and he’s a tomcat of the worst variety. Look for him in Seduced Into The Greek’s World.

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