Notes on Bought By Her Italian Boss

As a reader, I love books that revisit characters from romances I’ve already read. I love knowing the couple I followed so breathlessly to their Happy Ever After is actually living happily ever after.

If you’ve read Proof Of Their Sin you may recall that Paolo had a sexy cousin, Vittorio. He’s an incorrigible bachelor and I seeded him into that story with the idea I could one day find him a wife (and revisit Paolo and Lauren.)

Little did I know what Vito was hiding under that veneer of aloofness! He’s intense and passionate and still determined never to marry, but so loyal to his family. I loved that I was able to bring out more of his relationship with Paolo and Lauren and show how envious he is of their happiness. He so deserves his own HEA!

As for Gwyn, I adore her! I wasn’t sure I could get away with having her nude photos leaked online as a story opener, but my editor went for it. Poor Gwyn is a wreck, as anyone would be! And there is sexy, powerful Vito—her boss and the man most likely to fire her for something that is not her fault at all. Her life is pretty much over.

I hope you enjoy their journey and I especially hope you enjoy seeing how Paolo and Lauren are getting along. Hint: Lauren is pregnant with their third.

Update: I’ve since written about Gwyn’s stepbrother, Travis who reunites with his (secret) ex-wife, Imogen.

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