Notes on Bound By The Millionaire’s Ring

I would like to claim I knew exactly what I was doing before I began writing the Sauveterres. I knew about fifty percent of what I wanted to do and half of that changed after I sent the proposal to my editor.

I knew Ramon was an utterly shameless playboy, though. He’s the opposite of his cool and aloof twin, Henri. I also knew Isidora had a secret in her past concerning her father, but I wasn’t clear on how she would clash with Ramon.

Then, as I was writing the scene in His Mistress With Two Secrets, when we meet Ramon for the first time, I realized they needed a PR person. Isidora walked in minutes later. She’s a childhood friend of the girls’ and she hates Ramon.


Well, she had a terrible crush on him from childhood, which was humiliating enough when he refused to take her seriously. Then, when she was eighteen, he did something truly unforgiveable. (He didn’t really, but he deliberately allowed her to think he had.) I won’t spoil it, but he was trying to spare her heart and instead, he broke it into little pieces.

They have a long way to go. I hope you enjoy their journey!

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