Notes on His Christmas Miracle

When I started plotting His Christmas Miracle, I knew Nicki wanted to help Quincy and Atlas bond by doing Christmas activities together. She’s hired for the month of December, so I started plotting with a pencil on a calendar page various things she could do with them each day.

Along with Get a tree and Visit Santa, I wrote, Make an Advent Calendar. Once I thought about Nicki making one and counting down to Christmas with Atlas, I realized the whole book could be plotted as a countdown to Christmas. (In retrospect, I should have tagged each chapter, “Ten days ’til Christmas.” Only took me a year to realize that.)

However, the Advent calendar idea  led to me thinking it would be a cool Christmas craft for you, Dear Reader, to have a calendar you could print, color, and assemble with your little elves. Look for it under Extras!

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