Notes on His Mistress With Two Secrets

When I originally pitched my Sauveterre Twins to my editor, I suggested writing the two girls, then the two boys. The brothers were going to be sports stars—tennis and soccer. I made a solid effort to prepare solid outlines, character sketches, and romantic conflicts.

Then my editor suggested I move the kidnapped sister’s story to the end and lose the sports references. Tennis and soccer work better in other lines, not so much in the glamorous Presents world. So Henri plays tennis as a pastime, but he’s a tycoon running the family fortune. Ramon now races cars, but he retires at the beginning of his book.

I did manage to salvage Henri’s mistress who finds herself pregnant, yet is rejected by Henri when she asks him if he loves her. (He doesn’t know she’s pregnant, just thinks she’s fishing for a ring.)

Cinnia has spent enough time with Henri to know he will insist on marriage when he discovers she is pregnant, but she’s hideously independent. And now scorned. So she leaves him and keeps her pregnancy a secret as long as she can.

Of course, when she discovers she’s actually carrying the next pair of Sauveterre twins, she knows she’s doomed to a loveless marriage. I’ll leave it to you to read the book and find out how they resolve all of this, including finding the key to opening each other’s hearts.

But I will clarify: Henri uses the French pronunciation, “On-ri.” Enjoy!

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