Notes on More Than A Convenient Marriage?

In No Longer Forbidden?, Nic is taken from his family and left at boarding school when he was six years old. The man he thought of as his father rejected him when he learned another man had fathered him.

In revealing this to Rowan, Nic mentions he had a sister and two brothers. Once I wrote that scene, I couldn’t help thinking about what kind of life those children would have had after Nic’s departure, growing up with a mother who has lost her son and a father brimming with bitterness.

Adara had a very difficult childhood and arranged her own marriage to escape it. I love how contained she is. It’s pure defensiveness and it makes for a very tough dynamic in breaking her down.

I adore Gideon. He’s one of my favorite heroes. He’s incredibly self-assured and completely undermined by Adara’s vulnerability. Theirs is a very tender story of recovery from a lifetime of pain and they really do deserve their happy ever after.

Nic and Rowan make an appearance in More Than A Convenient Marriage? as does Theo, the middle brother from Book Three, An Heir To Bind Them. Demitri, the youngest brother, comes along in Seduced Into The Greek’s World.

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