Notes on Playing The Master

Playing The Master and Mastering Her Role are erotic romances originally published by the short-lived HarlequinE. They were released together in The Dani Collins Erotic Romance Collection, but they can definitely be read as stand-alones. They are about different couples and you’ll get a brief cameo of Jason and Arianne from Mastering Her Role in Playing The Master.

In writing this duet, I wanted to explore the fantasy and freedom of alter ego and secret identity. In Playing the Master, the heroine, Ann, goes incognito as Violet to a Paris sex club and lets her arranged-marriage fiancé, Porter, help her discover her true colors.

I’m mostly a contemporary romance author and that’s where the bulk of my time goes, but if you like erotic romance, also check out Taken By The Raider and The Secret In Room 823. I hope you’ll also check out my not-as-erotic, but still very sexy contemporary romances.

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