Notes on Proof Of Their Sin

Proof Of Their Sin was my first book to get full distribution, meaning it came out in North America and I was able to visit it, sign copies, and take selfies with it. You know, normal stuff that everyone does, don’t they?

Proof Of Their Sin is also my first award winner. It won 2013’s Reviewers Choice for Best First In Series from RT Book Reviews. The attached picture shows me picking up the award in New Orleans with my daughter in attendance.

I was so thrilled that Paolo and Lauren received this attention. I adore their story—the angst of pining for each other for years. Paolo’s need to contain his high-octane personality. Lauren learning to step out of her shell. It was my first book on contract, which put enormous pressure on me, but I recall thinking about the midway point that I couldn’t believe I was being paid to do this. (I still can’t believe it. Best job ever. For reals.)

If you want to see more of Lauren and Paolo, they make a brief appearance in A Debt Paid In Passion, then a more integral role in Bought By Her Italian Boss, which features Paolo’s cousin, Vittorio. (And then Vittorio turns up in a book that is with my editor as I write this, so it is untitled, but features Travis and Imogen.)

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