Notes on Pursued By The Desert Prince

Back when I was conceiving of the baby swap duet, The Wrong Heirs, I had a vague idea to do something with twins. A few months later, that coalesced into a broader story, about two sets of identical twins.

I needed something exciting to wind through their four stories, though. I knew they were famous for their wealth and beauty, complete media darlings because they’re beautiful times two. Who doesn’t find twins fascinating and two pair in one family? The paparazzi can’t get enough of them from the time the girls are born.

There was a dark side to that, however. Because of their wealth and fame, they were targeted. The youngest sister, Trella, was kidnapped when the girls were nine.

This trauma colors each of her siblings in different ways. For Angelique (Gili), she was born the shy, sensitive one who struggles with separating herself from her twin. This holds her back from falling for Kasim while he has his own very difficult past. They’re really quite doomed! Yet drawn.

I’ll leave it to you to discover how they find their way from the dark into the light.

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