Notes on Scorch, Montana Firefighters

We play a game in our house with Kinder Surprise Eggs. I like to get them at Easter and put them in stockings at Christmas. Before we open the egg, we ask a question. One time my sister asked what would happen with a particular man who lived in Australia and she received a pink airplane. She now lives there with him and they have two children.

Sometimes you have to be creative in divining the answer. For instance, I had a friend ask the Kinder gods if she would finish a particular project she’d been working on for years. When she opened the prize, she found it needed assembly and didn’t bother putting it together—which, to me, suggests a problem with completion in general, don’t you think?

I’m quite superstitious about my little prizes because of this. For instance, since I usually ask what the next year will hold for my writing career, I don’t like to throw these little toys in the trash. That seems like bad mojo. But there are many times when I get a polar bear or a little wind up car and I have no idea what the Kinder gods are trying to tell me. Such was my mystification when I received the prize in the attached photo.

I honestly can’t remember when I opened the egg with this prize. I have a shelf where I leave these toys—coincidentally the same shelf where I keep my author copies. Every once in a while I dust—again, it would be bad mojo not to, right?

I had completely forgotten this little guy existed, but I had recently completed Scorch when I came across him. I was so thrilled! He’s a smokejumper! The Kinder prediction came true!

Writing about a firefighter wasn’t actually on my radar until I was asked to participate in this series. It’s hot and fun and we set the books in a new (fictitious) town called Glacier Creek, but you’ll get a visit from Bastian and Piper from His Blushing Bride, so I like to call this book number four-point-five in my Love In Montana series.

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