Notes on Seduced Into The Greek’s World

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that the first book in the Makricosta Dynasty series, No Longer Forbidden?, was my first sale. While writing it, I hit a point in the story where Nic, the hero, reveals he has three siblings. They were separated when they were young and he secretly believes he got the raw end of the deal. He was sent away and the three younger children stayed with their mother.

I was deeply concerned for these other children, especially the little sister Nic was so close to. I wondered how it would have affected them to have their older brother disappear and I wrote about Adara in More Than A Convenient Marriage? That’s when I learned that their father never forgave their mother for cheating with Nic’s father. Theo, in An Heir To Bind Them, caught the brunt of that and had a very abusive childhood.

Demitri was the youngest. The children’s mother was pregnant with him when her husband forced her to send away her eldest child and she turned to drinking to numb the pain, leaving Adara to raise her brothers even though she was a child herself.

Demitri didn’t remember Nic and their father liked that. He punished the others for mentioning him and eventually cut off their visits. Nic was abandoned and Adara and Theo kept his memory like a secret. Until Adara finds him in Book Two and Theo invites him to his wedding in Book Three.

Demitri doesn’t know what to do with this information. He doesn’t see Nic as a brother and can’t understand why the siblings he trusted would keep such a thing from him. All he knows is that he was the ‘special’ one who their father favored. He was never punished, no matter how far he went–and he went to great lengths looking for the line he had to cross.

In Seduced Into The Greek’s World, he finds the line when he has an affair with his employee, Natalie. She’s sweet and kind and has a lot to teach him about family and love—but he has to earn her forgiveness first.

I so enjoyed writing about this family and really hope you enjoy reading all of their journey’s to happiness and love.

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