Notes on Taken By The Raider

When the fabulous team at Tule Publishing asked me if I wanted to write a Bad Boy short story, I said, “Sure!” It was coming up to the holidays, I had two other books I wanted to finish by the end of December, but I thought, It’s short.

Writing short does not make writing a story any easier! I have to thank my wonderful editor Sinclain Sawhney for helping me find the places that needed a little extra love and attention.

As for making Griffen a corporate raider from Chicago? I always look for things that are fresh to me. It keeps me excited about my own work. Thus, I now know way more about hostile takeovers than I ever needed to—or that made it into the book!

I hope you enjoy this hot, fast-paced story. If you like the hot books, be sure to check out Playing The Master, Mastering Her Role, and The Secret in Room 823.

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