Notes on The Bachelor’s Baby

Much like Meg and Linc, I didn’t expect to be involved in a Bachelor Auction series. But the opportunity came up and I said, “Sure, sounds like fun!” Because that’s what I always say. Then I panic.

I had already set up Meg in Blame The Mistletoe as Blake’s sister and a potential character for a future book, should the opportunity arise, so I had my heroine at least. And I already knew she’d have some unresolved feelings about being adopted.

Finding her a bachelor was a little trickier. I knew I wanted him to be made in Montana, but also a tycoon, so I threw Linc on the oil rigs and up the corporate ladder to really toughen him up.

As for writing the story, it was like planning an actual event as a committee. It made me laugh as we authors worked through the logistics of where to set the stage and who would be the auctioneer. There are no photos of Grey’s Saloon, but I have a very clear mental picture of this bar that started as a bordello, with it’s upper lounge where the bachelors are all leaning against the rail like old-timey saloon girls.

Very apropos, right? We had such a great bunch of authors in this series, all finding these great touches that made it so fun and racy. I’ll be honest and admit that collaborating is a skill I’m still trying to master. I don’t have critique partners or beta readers. I write my story then I send it to my editor, then I fix what she tells me to fix. Checking in with others initially slowed me down, but I’ve learned to work around it and I really do love the results when it’s all done and dusted.

I hope you enjoy The Bachelor’s Baby and all the titles in the Bachelor Auction series. Look for the rest of my Marietta books now a branded as the Love In Montana series. Also, be sure to read the bonus scenes for this series here on my site.

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