Notes on The Consequence He Must Claim

Most days I walk to pick up the mail. It’s a decent hike (with a hill), almost five kilometers round trip. I can’t tell you what the weather was like the day the central concept of this story struck, but I do remember where I was standing (outside the ice cream shop, but it was closed for winter.)

I was mentally working on the baby swap duet. I do a lot of plotting on my walks. This one was going to be the second and I had a strong sense of how the first book would go, but I had no idea what this one would look like beyond the couple being the other half of the mix up. I was going through all the different tropes: Royals? Mistresses? PA? Then amnesia struck. By that I mean the idea of amnesia as a plot device hit me.

What if the hero had amnesia and he didn’t even know he’d had sex with the heroine? What if he only finds out about his secret baby when he’s called for a DNA sample because they have to identify all the parents in this bizarre baby swap scenario?

I became so excited to write this book. I won’t include any spoilers about Cesar’s memory loss, but his amnesia is at the core of his conflict, making him suitably angry at the world.

Sorcha, meanwhile, is a tough, cheeky, tender-hearted heroine who loved Cesar long before she slept with him. Unfortunately, she knows what happens when a man is married to a woman he doesn’t love. He cheats! That’s what her father did and it destroyed her childhood. She doesn’t want anything to do with Cesar’s marriage of convenience suggestion.

But they have a son. So they must work things out.

If you want to read the first book in this duet, look for The Marriage He Must Keep. It tells the story of Alessandro and Octavia as they try to save their own marriage of convenience after their baby is swapped with Sorcha’s.

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