Notes on The Ultimate Seduction

Imagine you’ve been assigned a new editor and imagine she’s calling you for the first time. Got the nerves fluttering? Convinced you’re going to say something stupid? Okay, that was me when I was waiting for the phone to ring. I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect her to say, “Dani, I literally just picked up this email. We’re wondering if you’d like to be part of a collaboration?”

I’ve been over this elsewhere, but I’ll say it again. When an editor asks me if I’d like to write something, the words that come out of my mouth are, “Of course.” I was insanely flattered and I didn’t even know yet what the project was. Well, it was amazing. So fun. A modern take on that old English staple: the Gentlemen’s Club. This turned into The 21st Century Gentlemen’s Club.

Better yet, my collaborators were the awesome Maya Blake (The Ultimate Playboy) and the amazing Victoria Parker (The Ultimate Revenge). You’ll want to look for their contributions to this series as our characters brush elbows here and there.

We must have exchanged a zillion emails asking each other about details, trying not to step on each others’ toes or paint our fellow authors into corners. And all the way along we were trying super, super hard to hide the identity of Zeus. Wouldn’t you know, however, after all that work, the big secret wound up in the blurb of Victoria’s book.

Even with that small spoiler, I hope you enjoy your peek into this very exclusive playground.

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