Notes on A Baby to Make Her His Bride

When I started planning Four Weddings and a Baby, I knew there would be a wedding that was crashed by the groom’s secret baby. I literally got out my pink and blue index cards and started matching everyone:

Then I got to Book 4 where the groom’s sister will fall for the Secret Baby Mama’s brother. Makes sense, right? Except, when I started writing, Vienna was already married (to a jerk.) Amelia’s brother was missing.

These are the problems I set up for myself. By the end of book one, I knew Jasper was alive and Vienna was secretly divorcing. I had a good idea why she has been playing the Good Girl for far too long, but I didn’t have a handle on Jasper until I delved into what had happened to him while he was absent.

They’re both suffering some ‘Am I good enough?’ twinges and Vienna didn’t even think she could get pregnant, so it’s your average pair of messy people trying to make it work. #SpoilerAlert: they eventually do and they’re wonderful together.

All of the books in my Four Weddings and a Baby series stand alone, but if you love interconnected stories and a visit with three other couples living their HEA, you’ll want to read the others first. Otherwise, jump right in to: A Baby to Make Her His Bride. Happy reading!

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