Notes on A Convenient Ring to Wed Her

Quinn and Micah turned into one of my favorite couples ever. They hold the distinction of being my *second* manuscript accepted without revisions.

They have one of my very favorite dynamics–they are horribly in love with each other and cannot see it. They are convinced they are having a convenient affair, that they are very wrong for one another, and think they kind of hate the other. And that the other one hates them.

At the same time, they have the power to devastate one another (and do!) Then they also are compelled to rush to the other’s side when their world turns upside down.

I don’t want to give too much away on this one. It’s book three in my Four Weddings and a Baby quartet. You don’t have to read the first two to figure out what’s going on with this pair, but if you like rich world building, you’ll want to read:

Book 1: Cinderella’s Secret Baby
Book 2: Wedding Night with the Wrong Billionaire
Book 3: A Convenient Ring to Claim Her
Book 4: A Baby to Make Her His Bride

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