Notes on A Virgin for the Billionaire’s Revenge

We happened to be in the car with my daughter and her boyfriend while they were visiting us for Christmas 2017. I said to my daughter, “I need to brainstorm a duet idea. I was thinking of two heroes who are rivals for some reason and I want the heroines to be cousins, but that’s all I have.”

After further discussion, Delainey said, “What comes in twos? How about something with a pair of earrings?”

When it comes to brainstorming, I trust my gut and my gut immediately loved this idea! I knew the heirloom earrings had been separated somehow and the cousins are trying to reunite them. But why? And how did the heroes wind up fighting over them?

I decided fairly quickly that the earrings had belonged to the heroines’ grandmother. She sold one in Hungary to come to America and sold the other when she got to New York, to start her new life. Her granddaughters, Gisella and Rozalia, want to buy them back for her. They’ve been searching for years.

In Book One, Gisella learns the New York earring is going up for auction. She arrives to bid on it only to learn Kaine has bought the entire estate and all its contents in one fell swoop! After all these years, she’s been denied.

So has Viktor, the hero of Book Two. This is how the men become rivals. Kaine isn’t interested in picking a fight with Viktor, but he can’t let go of the earring he now possesses. It’s leverage against Gisella and he has a score to settle with her family.

Does he score with Gisella? I’ll let you read the book and find out.

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