Notes on Awakened on Her Royal Wedding Night

After writing the intense, intertwined quartet of Four Weddings and a Baby, I was ready for a simple, stand-alone story. Something over-the-top and sexy and wild.

I had pitched my editor on a royal and a beauty queen. The only other thing I had was a vision of the heroine swimming for her life and landing like a mermaid at the hero’s feet.

That isn’t exactly how this one plays out, but it’s close. Claudine is lured onto a yacht by Felipe’s evil twin and she has to escape him.

She makes it to Felipe’s private island where he falls in love with her on sight, but of course he doesn’t recognize it because his family is terrible. He wouldn’t know love if it threw sand in his eyes, which Claudine does.

If you love glamor and betrayal and secrets and an old-fashioned duel, I hope you’ll let Awakened on Her Royal Wedding Night sweep you away.

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