Notes on Beauty and Her One-Night Baby

I was secretly calling this duet the Brother’s Grim even before my editor asked if I could give it a Beauty and the Beast spin, but I was so happy to!

Javiero was supposed to be the ‘good’ brother. The one who was honourable and devoted to his family and the legitimate heir. His mother was briefly married to Javiero’s father, Niko, until she learned that Niko’s mistress was pregnant with Val from A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him. Val, for all his darkness, is fallen angel beautiful. Javiero was always compared to his brother and found wanting in the looks department. Now not even ruggedly handsome. He’s disfigured and people are keeping their children away from him.

Scarlett is a beauty, inside and out, but she doesn’t feel it. She had a rough childhood and she has worked really hard to help her family, but they still behave in ways that make her feel her background is a blight on her character. Between that and the move to Spain and the new baby, she catches a bad case of the baby blues and feels even worse about herself.

I wanted to include postpartum depression because it’s real. It happens to lots of women. If you or someone you know is struggling as a new mom, you can read more about postpartum depression here.

I won’t spoil the end, but I will say that Scarlett does help break the spell that has left Javiero embittered most of his life. I hope you enjoy their story!

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