Notes on Bound By Their Nine-Month Scandal

Pia has been a very unassuming character in the back of my mind a long time. She turned up at her brother’s wedding in The Consequence He Must Claim, but didn’t even have any lines. I got a little more serious about giving her a story when I wrote her other brother’s romance, The Maid’s Spanish Secret, but she was still firmly off the page.

I didn’t realize until I finally tried to write her story that she’s a massive introvert. She grew up in a family of scientists and is one herself, hates that her mother wants her to be an accomplished hostess, and most of all feels a tremendous duty to save the family reputation after her brother’s blow it with their secret baby scandals.

I wasn’t sure where I would go with her story, but at the end of her brother’s book, I made reference to a ball. I figured made it a masked ball and Pia–for once–feels emboldened. When she has the opportunity to take a selfish hour with an intriguing man, she does.

And along comes scandal number three for the family. Wait, there’s more. Not only does she not know the name of her lover, when she does find him, he’s the most inappropriate man for a family trying to stay this side of respectable.

Angelo, however, is the most perfect man for her. Of course, it takes roughly two hundred pages for them to figure that out, but I hope you enjoy watching how they get there.

Note: All of my books stand alone, but if you like to read connected books in order, these ones go like this:

  1. The Marriage He Must Keep (Baby Swap #1)
  2. The Consequence He Must Claim (Baby Swap #2)
  3. The Maid’s Spanish Secret
  4. Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal

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