Notes on Cinderella’s Secret Baby

When I pitched this concept, I knew it would have a wedding interrupted by the groom learning he has a baby by another woman. I knew the bride would then fall for the best man and the rest of the wedding party would find love.

As I was chatting it out with my editor, I said, “I could put a wedding in all four books and we could play on Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

Welcome to Four Weddings and a Baby!

In this first book, Hunter’s arranged marriage falls apart when Amelia’s father crashes the society wedding to reveal Hunter is a father. Hunter recognizes Amelia as the waitress he slept with once last summer–in fact, she’s been impossible to forget–but why did she wait until now to tell him?

I wanted to use a lot of Canadian settings so I staged the wedding in a vineyard at Niagara-on-the-Lake. They quickly return to Toronto, then are whisked to Banff for their honeymoon and settle in Hunter’s North Vancouver mansion. And of course there is the wonderful Cinderella aspect of Amelia being unprepared for Hunter’s lavish lifestyle. Don’t worry, she rises to the occasion while he rises to the responsibilities of fatherhood.

I love this pair. They’re strangers who are stuck in a tough situation, but they love their baby and are kind to one another. Amelia is cheeky and vulnerable and steely when she has to be. Hunter falls for her like a ton of bricks (even though he swore he wouldn’t!)

Happy reading!

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