Notes on From The Top

When I began writing On The Edge, I realized that as much as Rolf might have opinions on the way his new ski hill should look and run, he would have to have a project manager, someone with a technical mind and a willingness to wade through the building permits and other details that would put Rolf over the edge.

Nathaniel showed up about the time that Glory was flown out to see Blue Spruce Lodge for the first time. Glory eyeballs him as a potential hero, then realizes he thinks she’s hitting on her. Oops. But I started thinking of him as a potential hero, too. One whom I gave an adorably soft side to when I decided he had a three-year-old son, Aiden.

Later in that first book, Ilke showed up as ‘the other woman.’ I try to avoid cliche characters and started thinking about how she had come to Blue Spruce Lodge and why. It wasn’t because she has designs on Rolf. In fact, she doesn’t look to any man to advance her interests. She’s independent to a fault.

Which makes her pretty conflicted when she gets pregnant and is forced to quit skiing. As for Nate, he holds himself to ridiculous standards and getting a woman pregnant is a pretty big misstep. Both of these two were at the top of their game and now they’re tumbling into an abyss. I loved helping them find their way out of it.

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