Notes on His Highness’s Hidden Heir

For this one, I knew I wanted my heroine to have been a child star–someone who is both beloved and deeply misunderstood by the public. Finding the right hero for her was difficult, though. Lexi is strong and capable and has had to take care of herself from an early age. What kind of man could challenge that?

My editor suggested a royal hero so I began playing with where his fictional island might be located and Wow! In walked Magnus. Or should I say stormed? He’s a six-foot-five viking with all the strength and arrogance you can imagine in a man with his presence. He falls like a redwood for Lexi, but she’s a magnet for scandal and he can’t afford such things. Duty prevents him from offering her more than a single night.

Of course that night has consequences! Soon he discovers she’s carrying the next heir to the throne. He has to marry her, but they’re both incredibly strong personalities so there’s a lot of flash and clash and passion before they surrender to each other. It’s worth it, though!

Prepare to be ravaged. Magnus is about to carry you away…

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