Notes on Innocent’s Pregnancy Revelation

When I wrote A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire, I needed Kaine to have a grudge against Gisella. Initially, I thought her cousin was merely inept, but as I wrote that book and its follow up, Innocent’s Nine Month Scandal, I fell in love with the family. Some were quirky, but everyone was smart and very loyal to the family name.

Ben was still my pseudo villain, but his grand error in judgment was soon revealed to be that he had trusted the wrong person. As I wrote him, I set him up to have his own story one day, not really knowing who that person was.

Then, not long after both books in the duet wrapped, my editor asked if I was interested in writing a free online read that tied in with the duet.

Ben was the obvious choice, but then I had to figure out exactly who had double-crossed him and how and why and, oh yeah. What if she’s pregnant?

It’s a lot to fit into a fast-paced, twenty-chapter, serialized story, but more than one reader has asked me if Ben has his own story and yes! You can find it at in their online reads section.

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