Notes on Manhattan’s Most Scandalous Reunion

I’ve written a few duets and the challenge is always to find two stories that are complimentary, take place in the same world, but are different enough to be interesting.

It’s especially hard when the main characters are siblings or, in this case, identical twins. In Book One, Married for One Reason Only, Oriel knows she’s adopted. When she learned the truth about her birth mother, it’s a shock, but she’s always had questions in the back of her mind.

When I came to write Nina’s story, I needed a fresh angle. Even though she knows of Oriel and has been told she looks like her, it never occurs to her to think, “Maybe she’s my twin.” As far as Nina knows, she is a blood relation to the family she’s always known. Once she learns she was given to strangers in secret, her entire sense of self is shaken.

And even though she and Reve ended their brief affair on a very sour note, she barges back into his life as hers is falling apart. He’s very cynical and guarded, but he couldn’t help but step in and step up to help her–which endeared him to me so much! I hope you love him as much as I do.

I hope you enjoy the unraveling of the mystery in my Secret Sisters duet!

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