Notes on Marrying the Enemy

I wanted to write an enemies to lovers so I turned to the original of that trope: Romeo and Juliette.

The feud between the Blackwoods and the Viscontis began when Evelina’s grandmother left Dom’s grandfather standing at the altar while she married her true love.

Two generations of bitterness and acts of vengeance later, Evelina has a passionate encounter with Dom only to learn after the fact that he’s her family’s sworn enemy. He’s even more incensed. He hates himself for being obsessed with her–especially because he can’t have her.

What else would I do with two characters who loathe each other, but can’t keep their hands off each other? I stranded them on an island in the beautiful Australia Whitsundays!

I loved writing this story so I was extra thrilled when my editor said, “OMG I love it! It’s got a real Romeo & Juliet vibe but, y’know, sexier and with less death.”

I hope you agree!

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