Notes on Marrying the Nanny

All three of these books were hard to write for different reasons.

This first one was a challenge because the setting had to be invented–although I based it on a real place, I took liberal literary license. I also had to establish the three brothers’ distinct personalities and develop all of their relationships to both Emma and their baby sister, Storm.

It was fun–so fun–to write about these three men who are pretty useless around a baby, but it was particularly fun to see uptight, controlling Reid learn that babies operate by their own rules. He’s such a good man and he’s so emotionally stunted. My favorite kind of hero!

And Emma was a treat from the minute she walked onto the page. Her self-esteem has been left the toilet thanks to her ex-husband and her family’s disregard, but in Raven’s Cove, with Storm and these three men (and her new friend, Sophie!) she is finding herself again. She is regrowing her spine and rediscovering her libido and learning that she absolutely deserves to be loved by someone really great.

Reid is that man.

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