Notes on One Snowbound New Year’s Night

When my editor asked if I would like to do a ‘snowed in for twenty-four hours in Canada over New Year’s Eve,’ I said, “Sure!” That’s what I always say when she saves me the trouble of coming up with my own concepts. Besides, it sounds like a riot, doesn’t it?

Then I started to wade into the reality of writing two characters–*only* two characters–in a single setting for a single day and… (GIF of head exploding.) It was definitely a challenge to find those high-concept glamorous moments that Presents readers love so much, especially that global feel of visiting far-flung places.

At the same time, I had So.Much.Fun with Van and Becca. They got married too young and both had these messy back stories that kept them from talking to each other when it really, really mattered. If your pet peeve is the sort of story where you keep thinking, If only they would just sit down and talk things out, well, good news! This is your dream come true because there is nothing else they can do as they rattle around in the house that was their home until they fell apart.

And of course they have always loved one another and simply don’t see it. They’re flawed and hurt and good and deserving of the love they finally get around to digging from the deep freeze. I hope you adore them as much as I do!

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