Notes on The Baby His Secretary Carries

I write a lot of secret baby books and I’m always looking for a fresh angle so, when my editor asked if I was interested in writing a duet and “one of them with a baby” I said, “Sure. I’m thinking of a surrogate?”

This was long before I began writing the book so all I was thinking was that there are two stories to tell–the woman who surrogates and the couple who are the parents.

When I dug into it, I had to consider why Molly would volunteer to carry a pregnancy. I came up with her wanting to repay her friend who placed her own baby for adoption with Molly’s family, but now has fertility issues. And yes, I did learn that doctors typically don’t work with surrogates who haven’t already carried a successful pregnancy, but this is romance and the father of the baby is stinking rich so Molly is pregnant with a baby that is not hers. He also paid very well for her to keep it super-secret for reasons that are explained in Book Two.

Then I had to figure out who she falls for and how that pregnancy gets in the way of her romance.

Along came Gio, her boss, a sexy Italian whose grandfather is ill and his only wish is that Gio would marry and give him an heir. When Gio finds out his very efficient P.A. is pregnant, he’s shocked–and very curious who the father might be. He also sees an opportunity to give his grandfather his dying wish. He talks Molly into posing as his fiancée.

She goes along with it because it’s an old man’s dying wish… Except he doesn’t die and Gio keeps kissing her and things get very complicated.

These turned into very big stories in very sexy, fast-paced books, but I had so much fun writing them. I hope you love The Baby His Secretary Carries and its companion story, The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby.

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