Notes on The Maid’s Spanish Secret

Shortly after my baby swap duet came out, I began getting inquiries about Rico, the brother of Cesar from The Consequence He Must Claim. Would he have his own story?

I wanted him to. Rico lurked around the back of my mind, waiting for the right heroine to show up. Also, even though he came from the same emotionally sterile family that made Cesar such a remote man, Rico didn’t have any unresolved anger that needed fifty thousand words and the love of his life to get over.

Until I realized that he dutifully married and was betrayed. In fact, everyone thinks he suffered a terrible loss when what he’s actually doing is protecting a terrible secret. He’s trying to shake that bitterness when he discovers he has a daughter by a very brief affair with his mother’s former housemaid.

I hope you love Rico’s journey falling for Poppy. Look for the final Montero sibling, Pia, which should come out late 2019 or early 2020.

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