Notes on The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby

After writing the first story in this duet, The Baby His Secretary Carries, I had worked out all of Sasha’s backstory and most of her front story with Rafael. He was still a bit of a mystery, but he was chasing business with the hero from the first book, Gio, so I knew a lot about him.

It made this one of the quickest books I’ve every written and, honestly, it could have been about thirty thousand words longer. There is so much story here. They are such a wonderful couple with so much more I could have explored. I really hurt for Sasha and I adore how Rafael learns to see her and care for her and love her.

After he gets over how mad he is that she fakes amnesia.

Yeah, I went all the way over the top with writing The Secret of Their Billion-dollar Baby and loved every second of it. I hope you get a kick out of reading it.

You don’t have to read The Baby His Secretary Carries before you read this one, but you’ll probably want to.

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