Notes on Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet

At one point, I thought this story might be a cross-over between my Love in Montana series and Blue Spruce Lodge. I thought Petra and Flynn would wind up at Blue Spruce Lodge, meet Skye, and plan a ‘real’ wedding for Trigg and Wren, who had a courthouse marriage in In Too Deep. (This cross-over may yet happen!)

For a number of reasons, this turned into a much sweeter stand-alone Christmas story. My parents were actually staying with us when I took a call from my publisher and made the decision to change directions. Mom and Dad had come to us as a precaution one night in May. They’d been asked to leave their house in case the river breeched the dyke beside their house.

The next morning, their house was under twelve feet of water. They wound up staying with us for two months until they were able to get back in. Mom helped me brainstorm titles for this book and cooked meals so I could get it written. Their being here imbued Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet with some extra family love. I hope you can feel it!

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