Notes on Wedding Night with the Wrong Billionaire

When I first began structuring this series, I knew the first book would be a secret baby ruining a wedding. (See Cinderella’s Secret Baby.)

I liked the idea of the second one being the jilted bride running away with the best man, but that’s one of those ideas that looks great as a one-line pitch, but when it comes time to execute, I had to ask myself why she runs away with him. How well does she know him? Were they actually involved in the past? Then why did he let her almost marry his best friend? It’s very tricky!

Pretty soon I realized there would have to be a family feud, something that makes it near impossible for them to be together no matter how strongly they’re drawn. It made for all sorts of lovely angst as these two star-crossed lovers (Yep, they became loves the minute they got the chance) as they try to resist what is fated for them. Also, it help me set up the third book, about the bride’s half-brother and the maid-of-honor (Yay!)

Five years ago, Remy kissed Eden in Paris only to have Eden’s brother break them apart. He told her Remy was using her to get at him. She was young, impressionable, heartbroken, and hasn’t felt the same for any man since.

Remy didn’t know Eden was related to the Gould family, but he’s carrying a family secret they can never learn. Five years after their one passionate kiss, he still hasn’t forgotten her. It took all his strength to stand by as she prepares to marry his best friend, but when the wedding falls apart, it’s his one chance to catch her.

I hope you enjoy this series of weddings, secrets, drama, more weddings, and yes, at least one baby!

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